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PC: Yes, I did. I would have liked the rock star life. A Stanley Cup Final featuring Crosby and Edmonton star Connor McDavid is a tantalizing prospect, but Crosby's long-term status was unclear after suffering a concussion Monday, though McDavid declined to join the chatter surrounding the injury. 10 things you should know about. RD: So, the other guys have been understanding? That was pretty cool. There was a lot of travelling and a lot of testing at that time. SC: Yes, I have. Eva Mendes opens up about motherhood.

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He can score goals from anywhere so he's dangerous when he's out there. "Sometimes they come around quickly. The chances aren't too good, but we'll see. But players seem to make allowances for everything. They have two daughters.

Sidney Crosby: Not much at all. Malkin won the Hart Trophy in 2012, the same season in which Crosby was limited to just 22 games. In 2011, she began dating her The Place Beyond the Pines co-star Ryan Gosling.

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That series is risky. RD: What about road rage? Crosby ) if he dated, eva Mendes but if I had access. He sat out two weeks after being diagnosed with a concussion last October, returning in time to play in 75 games and score an NHL-high 44 goals. RD: And if she wasn't available? But you know what kind of life I would have liked outside of racing? Eva de la Caridad Mendez (born March.

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Throughout the winter we tested well. The Penguins will need him to do it again if they want to survive without Crosby. And what does a players dating status have.

He let his marriage go to hell because he believed Sid was gay and looking for an older lover. I enjoyed both series. Jul 10, 2008, does, sidney Crosby have a girlfriend?



I came back for another year, another extension of the contract so to speak.


SC: Ovechkin deserved.