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Whether you may or may not have HIV/aids or you think your partner might, this app can answer all your questions. If you have a headache, want to take a multivitamin, or have seasonal allergies, you need to know what medications may or may not be OK to take with everything else. These apps can remind you to take your medications, teach you terms related to HIV, and even find the services you need nearby.

These services include: housing, testing sites, health centers, and more. If youd like to suggest an app for this list, email. Simple alarm tools can be configured to multiple medications and remind you when to take them, meaning that you dont miss a dose if youre busy watching or reading something else on the app. Weve selected these apps based on their usability, user reviews, frequent updates, and overall impact in offering support and information to people affected by HIV. HIV Risk Calculator, if youve ever wondered how at risk you are for getting or transmitting an STD while performing a sexual activity, worry no more.

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With this app, you can input all your medications, with dosage and timing information. Many people dont realize that medications can cost different prices depending on where you get them. You might miss a dose or even take the wrong amount. Learn the level of risk for all types of sexual contact, from kissing to intercourse, as well as steps for prevention. It features an audio tool so you can actually hear how the word should be pronounced in either language. Then, it will remind you when its time to take one. This app outlines the risks and potential side effects of combining many medications, whether theyre prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or natural supplements.

Liverpool HIV iChart, when youre taking multiple medications for HIV/aids, or any other condition, drug interactions are a major concern. Care4Today, when you have to take multiple medications every day, things can get confusing. From all the medications used to treat these conditions, to learning about new research, it can be hard to keep. There is a lot of information and terminology you have to learn and keep track of if you or a loved one has HIV or AIDs. It helps you find a number of different HIV/aids related services within a given radius of your current location or any location you input. Get all the latest news, find out about ongoing research, and research other topics of interest connected to HIV and related illnesses. And, if you are taking multiple medications, it has a tool that will find the best price for all of your medications in one place.

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With a click of a button, the app will populate a chart showing your family, doctor, or care provider that you are taking everything as prescribed. The Body, with this app, you have access to all the content on m on your mobile device. Search for articles, blog posts, and videos by classification and location. HIV atlas, this app compiles information relating to HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, and puts it into an easy format. This is a great tool for patients, students, and health professionals.

Aidsinfo HIV/aids Glossary, created by the.S. This app can work wonders if youre juggling numerous, pricey medications, making it quick and easy to find the cheapest price for any prescription you need to fill. Department of Health and Human Services, this app provides definitions of all the terminology relating to HIV/aids in both English and Spanish. An easily navigable menu allows you to connect to the topic of your choice, including personal stories from others with HIV.



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