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You can still be honest while presenting yourself in the best light possible. Be realistic, though not unduly harsh, in the way you describe yourself to others you meet online or in person for the first time. Strategic consultant, advertising manager, broker, consultant, creative director. I've summarized some of this advice in an earlier blog posting on ".

Similarly, in completing a job application, if you have a choice, present what you're proudest of first. Instantly you've registered important facts about that person.

How does your translate the complex sensory information you receive about people (height, weight, age, gender, facial expression) into a decision to ask person. Happn, a dating app which matches you with people who cross your path most often, has done some research on which names are most attractive among online daters in London. We know from research on the halo effect that the first words you use to describe yourself will have the greatest impact. What's trending now More trending stories » Exploring the UK's top 10 most popular fetishes Legoland is letting parents and kids in for free if they have one of these names This beauty blogger used a dildo to put her makeup on Slutty women don't. Laura, charlotte, jessica, emma, emily, katie, lucy. Impression is a two-way street. In situations where you are doing the judging, learn to spot cues that will help you detect the deceitful impression manager. In 2006, a of researchers headed by Nicole Ellison of Michigan State University interviewed a sample of individuals using an online dating service to learn more about impression management strategies. Many participants admitted that they felt torn between a desire to be totally authentic with the desire to present themselves as favorably as they could.