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Juca at the, estadio Mateo Flores, remaining in the top category until 1983, when a last-place finish on the standings relegated them once again. (Michael Love, 1992) Recent excavations suggest that the Highlands in sites as Naranjo, and Kaminaljuy, were a geographic and temporal bridge between Early Preclassic villages of the Pacific coast and later Petn lowlands cities. Until a few years ago, the Pre Classic, was thought to be a formative period, with small villages of farmers, that lived in huts, and few permanent buildings, but this concept has been proved to be a big mistake, due to recent findings all over. Liga Nacional de Ftbol de Guatemala. In this Web  site you will find information about more than 110 ancient archaeological Sites, most of them from the Pre Classic and Classic. Miguel ngel Soto Bustamante and. Nakb, Stucco Mask Tikal, Stucco Mask Naranjo and then Kaminaljuy, in the Central Highlands are the sites that shows the longest occupation in Mesoamerica, (1000 BC to 1200 AD located in the central highlands, in what now is Guatemala City, had a very privileged part. Above the ground, paved with stucco, that are clearly distinguishable from the air in the most extensive virgin Tropical Rain Forest left in Mesoamerica, thus, these were Kingdoms equal in Power and Culture to those in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, etc.

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Many sites of this era display monumental masks for the first time (Uaxactn, El Mirador, Cival, Tikal and Nakb ). In fact, they still retain the use of not only their languages, but also their believes and cosmology., even more they use the Tzolk'in calendar in their ceremonies and for crops.

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Antigua Guatemala Ftbol Club is a, guatemalan professional football team based in, antigua Guatemala, and current champions of the. Liga Mayor B, the club's administration was inherited by the Antigua Guatemala Municipality, and in December 1976, earned promotion back to the. The Black jadeite from the Motagua Valley area, represents the creamiest, richest, and best black jadeite in the world. These masks often seem to depict powerful natural forces such as Sun and Earth, in the Maya Cosmology and Mythology. Of these, El Mirador, Tikal, Nakb, Tintal, Xulnal and Wakn are the largest in the Maya world, Such size was manifested not only in the extent of the site, but also in the volume or monumentality, especially in the construction of immense platforms to support.

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High Pyramid and a quatrefoil altar in La Blanca, San Marcos, some. Best ValueHotels ranked using exclusive TripAdvisor data, including traveler ratings, prices, booking popularity, location and personal user preferences. For the 2015 season, the club kit will be supplied by Italian sports company Diadora. Landscape, Wild Life and, nature galleries. They play their home games at the. View from Los Monos.




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They are nicknamed, los Panzas Verdes Green bellies in reference to the local avocados and as represented by the green stripes on the team uniform.