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I know the right things and, on the same token, I didnt think Id get a movie like Prey for Rock and Roll where I got to play the drinking, smoking, tattooed, ex-con. Its a hard thing to do to say, Hey, I have a vision. Hes being deceitful on purpose. I dont have satellite or cable. So any actor is going to sit here and tell you that, Hey, its nice to be cast outside the box and do experimental things and things that you normally wouldnt be thought of for right off the bat. Obviously, as an actor, we have no control.

Formed the Southern hip hop group Pimp Squad Click (PC alongside his longtime friends and fellow Atlanta-based rappers. And this is a very relatable idea.

They are always on their toes in terms of is this a threat? If they come through here, is that the best way to go or is that just a decoy to get us to go that way? That was something she probably didnt have to be at, at that point. So, its not any slight to that. I knew, I guess rightfully so, it was a race to see who comes first. I know what I want to see out of this role. Theres a concept out there and suddenly all of a sudden theres three of the same things out there.

I thought that was interesting. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is over however loyal fans are still interested in whats going on with actor Marc Blucas, Buffy's one-time love interest, Riley Finn. Is he doing the right thing? There were interesting things they would come up with like youll never see a Secret Service guy with his jacket buttoned because they need to be able to get at their gun and their radio. Thats a difficult thing, but thats the only way that something can be elevated. These guys are always thinking in that capacity, and I never really looked at these guys as the brains behind the operation. So you have to deliver that.

Obviously, thats such an instinctual moment of choice, I would like to think that I would for my family in a second. You might talk to some of your friends and say, Yeah, I saw Friends last night but I didnt see it three weeks before that. And Tip (stylized as TIP is an American hip hop recording artist and actor from Atlanta, Georgia. You lose your momentum.

Do you find yourself fighting that sort of Boy Scout typecast or is that gone? Received two Grammy Award nominations for Best Song Collaboration Soldier" w/ Destiny's Child Lil Wayne) and Best Rap Solo Performance for "U Don't Know Me" at the 48th Grammy Awards ceremony. We want to see Julia Roberts be Julia Roberts. In this interview, Blucas talks about working with Katie Holmes and Forest Whitaker on First Daughter, and, of course, the continued support of Buffy fanatics. I think that Im realistic in how Im going to be cast. I think this character wants to come clean and wants to tell the truth and then something happens that he cant. I want to be able to do that!



And he went. I dont wish bad will on anyone.