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A : Notifications are shown by the Secure Mail application. If you open SecureMail, the count in that Inbox section will provide total unread count of inbox during the sync period. Update: As an additional data point the count on the settings badge inexplicably went from 1 to 5 today. If they are not showing, go to iOS Settings Notifications. Q: My badge does not update. So it is possible. This is iOS feature. Q: Will I see the notifications when app is terminated (that is, not running)? A : Check if you are allowing notifications for the Secure Mail app. Unread mail badge not updating.

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Q: I declined allowing notifications when I first installed. Q: I had new mail messages and I opened Secure Mail and read all the messages. I have seen the mail app in my iPhone (4S, iOS.1) automatically updates the badge count if new mail arrives, even when app is not running.

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New calendar event, cancelled calendar event, decline calendar event. Q: My badge count shows 2 and my outlook client on Mac/Windows shows 0? The number should get updated fairly quickly. 73 39 comments, announcing Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android, Microsoft Launcher - Windows Experience Blog 18 20 comments iOS.0.2 on a nearly two year old iPhone 6S (best battery life Ive ever had) 13, the only thing I want from iOS updates. We have observed that the wake up is much quicker if apns push is used when compared to just the background app refresh. IPhone 6 iOS 9 GM The, mail app badge is showing hundreds of unread emails, as is All Inboxes. A : No, the apns is a silent push that only updates the badge count. Does anyone know how to fix this without jailbreaking? A : You will see notifications when the app is in background. No atual inboxes are showing any unread emails.

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When you read the emails on your desktop, the exchange server will inform. Based on our observations, the numbers will converge over time. After you read the messages, the exchange server will send the new number to Secure Mail through apns. I posted in this same forum last night about this issue, but there were no responses save to suggest I reboot my iOS device, which did not help.



I have not done a DFU restore, and may eventually resort to that, but for now would rather not go through that process and am hopeful a different fix is possible. A : Secure Mail uses apns to update the badge count.


A : The Secure Mail application shows the notifications. I saw a comment elsewhere ( ios.0.1 - download completed but unable to install ) implying this was seen with iOS.0.1 also and wondered if there is a way to reset the settings app badge or if this may be a bug that.