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If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. OUR sources estimate many credit cards compromised dozens ABD what MAY  BE hundreds OF consumers.

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Remember Don't let them get away with it! The bank CAN, must and will reverse the charge!

Investigator WHO also HAS worked IN THE. Make sure they make the Rip-off Report. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days. Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Web Hosting and Data Center Solutions. This marketers "intercepts" AND steals your info he redirects from the site to his own page, DO NOT fill OUT info! Consumers usually have a little longer to dispute fraudulent credit card charges (up to 6 months but it is better to act right away. If this occurs, complain to a manager and let them know you will be filing a report here.

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According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state.



Rip-off Report PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280). The bank can easily fax or mail to you the Federal Regulation E dispute form.


If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face.


Enterprise Domain Management since 1999, mark ProtectTM Online Brand Monitoring and Enforcement. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation.