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Along with Forums for reviews, a free Personals, Articles, and much mo best dating sites, reviews of the best dating websites around including the most popular free and paid options. ( photo: Flickr Creative Commons: m01229 17 of 23 The invention was sold to the Crayola Company who sold the first box of Crayola Crayons for a nickel in 1903. Online Dating Sites - t/ Dating advice blog and site reviews brought by people that search the web to find the best dating sites available. Advertisement Pennsylvania is home to the invention of many everyday items, take a look at some of them in this slideshow. The Big Mac had two previous names (the Aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger) before it became known as the Big Mac of today. (Source: m) photo: Flickr Creative Commons: Ron Cogswell 20 of 23 Hershey's Chocolate Date: 1900 Milton. Coaching And Advice, dating And Match Services, guides And Directories. ( photo: Flickr Creative Commons: SkyFireXII 18 of 23 Ferris Wheel Date: 1893 The first ferris wheel was invented by George. TS Girlfriend - m Developing relationships between transsexual woman and heterosexual men, with articles, personal profiles, moderated chatroom and letters. Updated: 12:00 AM EST Feb 23, 2016 1 of 23, pennsylvania is home to the invention of many everyday items, take a look at some of them in this slideshow.

Dating service eHarmony soulmate matchmaking based on the science of compatibility. Polish Marriage - http www. (Source: m) photo: Flickr Creative Commons: Muffet 15 of 23 Franklin's solution for this was to cut the two lenses in half and then join them together in one frame so he could see long distances through the top lens, and short distances through the. Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Eloquence 9 of 23, the odometer counted the rotations of the wheel, and helped calculate the distance that the carriages were traveling. Diemer was an accountant for Fleer Chewing Gum Company who in his free time would experiment on new and improved gum recipes. Franklin set out to measure the distance between certain points so he could establish more efficient postal routes, which lead to the invention of an odometer that he attached to carriages. Thousands of members and growing fast. (Source: m) photo: Flickr Creative Commons: ganeshaisis 14 of 23 Bifocals Date: Unknown Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocal lenses while living in Philadelphia when he was searching for a solution for his problem of being both near and far sighted.

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Copyright m web directory All rights reserved. Includes tips and pointers on dating. (Source: m) photo: Flickr Creative Commons: hollykl 19 of 23 Ferris heard this complaint and quickly scribbled a design for the Ferris Wheel on a napkin during the banquet.



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(Source: m) photo: Flickr Creative Commons: meddygarnet 22 of 23 Lightning Rod Date: 1753 Benjamin Franklin explored lightning and electricity for many years, and it was in 1753 that he developed the lightning rod. Eastern European Women - m, introducing you to beautiful Czech women.


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